I am Level (Stew Hogarth)

…an experimental mixture of pinball and Platform.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Unity)]


  1. Apparently this game won’t be free for too long, so it’ll be a broken link at some point. I really like this one, but it’ll be a mobile-only title soon enough.

    edit: Or maybe the web version is permanently free, I really can’t tell with the wording. I haven’t a clue.

  2. Yeah, this is fantastic! Especially once you reach your first checkpoint and realize how the metagame structure works. It’s a smart way to make number-of-lives matter while nonetheless not punishing the player too badly for losing them. I really dig the feeling of exploring outward from the checkpoints, hoping to find another without making too many mistakes first. And you have the choice of trying to complete rooms as you discover them or playing it safer and just trying to get past the room in case a checkpoint is just past the next one. (Typing this out, I realize this has a Dark Souls feel to it.)

  3. There are a few insta-death rooms though. Depending on your entrance into the room and the enemy placement, you’ll instantly die every time all the way to game-over.

    Other than a few oversights like that, this is a pretty fair game. I just wish the physics were a tad more predictable (could be me though).

  4. It’s the best (and only) metroidvania pinball game I’ve ever played. Love the spectrum aesthetic too 😀
    Takes me back to the fun I had with kirby’s pinball games :3

  5. I Like This Game A Whole Lot ❗

  6. i enjoyed it, though the waiting time between games, and the intro at the start, tested my patience ever so slightly