Humanoid 47 (JO99, Oliv. Kronsilds)

point click explore combine[Author’s description]

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(via Dora, JayIsGames)


  1. ahhh so good! cyborg hell!!!

  2. freaky. the level of detail is beautiul, but also overwhelming for a point and click game.

    • yeah i thought it would be a problem but somehow i did okay?

    • The old “keep pressing tab to find hotspots” trick works here, if you don’t mind yellow boxes aesthetically clashing with the art style. Best unintentional feature of Flash adventure games that too many current developers intentionally remove.

  3. I really like this style and didn’t find it any harder than other point-n-clicks. There’s no pretense of figuring out logical solutions since you can’t even know what to pick up without random clicking everywhere. It’s intimidating at first but finding inventory items by pure luck is never that hard and their usage is clear enough. His Queen of Snakes had a slightly better mood, but this one played smoother.