GLITCH (Travis Chen)

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[Play online (Unity)]


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  2. This seems cool but navigating is annoying enough that I was just barely willing to stick with it as I was making progress – when I fell off and died, I had very little interest in repeating my efforts.

  3. super interesting but the total progress reset doesn’t work well with it

  4. I loved it!! Can I be really pretentious in my interpretation of this? No? Well fuck you!

    I felt like this game was an interpretation of the senses. The fact there are 5 glitches perfectly mirrors the 5 senses, and that the game was really well designed so that different glitches, or multiple glitches, had to be used to overcome the given obstacles in the game. Much like what it’s like to loose a sense. The glitch, say, with a coloured background was the glitch that was (funnily enough) least useful in excessively black areas (the blackness being the physical obstacles themselves), as the objects would blur together. On the flip side it was helpful when looking at a distance, or helpful to see an isolated object in detail, like the pine trees (The only “natural” looking objects in the game and the only objects that don’t really act as obstacles or platforms).
    What I was really impressed by, in mimicking the senses, is that if you take the time to use all 5 glitches, you could fully understand any given obstacle, but since the glitches scroll through periodically, you can never actually see the object. You encapsulated all 5 senses into just sight, with the added constraint that you can’t use the senses simultaneously. Well played!

    If I was to make a guess on which glitch represented which sense, I’d say sight was the colourful one (for the aforementioned reasons), touch the spray painty one, sound the double vision one (it just reminded me of sound bouncing off walls), and smell and taste being the really pixelated two (since they were the least helpful).

    I really liked the ending as well. It felt like seeing yourself in the different glitches, something you don’t get from your first person view.

    People have been complaining about the permadeath aspect. I’ve got to disagree with them. Either you did it purposefully or not, but I think it worked either way. This is because getting back to your original position is a cakewalk! You’ve already ‘seen’ all the objects before. Once you a figured them out, you can interpret the objects from any given glitch you’re looking at it with. Your mental picture of it becomes as intuitive as if you could see the path completely clearly. The permadeath aspect allows you to know that you can now do this. And just in case you make it through to the end without dying, the game resets you immediately after completion, giving you the opportunity to understand that you now understand the game world. Plus it’s a short game so… it doesn’t really take up that much of your time!

    Anyway I know this is just an interpretation, but I’d really like to know if this is at all what the designer intended. I think there’s enough evidence in the game to suggest this, but that could just be coincidental. So yeah, thank you for this incredible game! I’m going to go find out if my friends would be interested to play.