Exposure (zillix)

SOL’s light beats down harshly on the desert[Author’s description]

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  1. I really like it! I didn’t understand the b&w thing about the orbs at first, but I think it’s important part of the game, try to figure out that.

  2. I was compelled to play three times to see (I think) all of the endings. I really enjoyed spending time in its little world.

    I don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler to point out that it’s worth at least playing again for the all-dark-orbs ending, not because the end cinematic is anything particularly special, but because its the only path that forces you to fully deal with the sun mechanic and fully explore the world.

    (In fact, any other permutation pretty much means you can ignore the sun completely, no?)

    • [I left out an apostrophe. I’m sure you don’t mind.]

      • Only if you mix orbs or finish before using them all is the sun irrelevant, I believe. Ending with all Sol orbs or all Nyx orbs requires you to embrace or avoid exposure. Either way, you still have to make shade to finish the flower task and you still have to explore the whole map.

        What a beautiful little game.

        • Oh, by ‘ignore the sun completely’ I just meant that you can take your time and let it do its work automatically with no particular pressure. But, thinking back, you’re totally right: there are a number of spots where the intuitive/quickest action wouldn’t involve letting a dark orb go bright, so you do need to be mindful of the sun at least a little.)

          (As for the flower task, I’m pretty sure there are more than enough orbs lying about to complete the Sol version without that one. In fact, any orb that starts out bright ends up representing one superfluous dark orb you don’t need to bother acquiring/transforming.)

          Whereas completing the Nyx version really does require tracking down every last starting-as-dark orb and taking extreme care not to let any stay out in the sun, so it definitely felt to me like the most engaging path.

          And oh: is there a fourth ending for finishing without filling up all the receptacles? It hadn’t crossed my mind to try that.

          • Ah, I see your point. And only 3 endings. The “bad” ending covers ending without filling them all, as well as a mixed selection.

  3. I wonder what the mural to the right of the starting area means. I know what the white, black, and red dots represent, but not the green…

  4. ridiculously good looking

  5. very cool. great graphics and a tight little story