SOUP (Bowl of Rice)


It is a game of just walk.[Author’s description]

[Windows Download]

(via lilith)


  1. love this, even if it is basically just the same thing over and over. make sure to play it through a few times.

  2. I remember trying to play this a long time ago, and for some reason it just didn’t work. The feelings of not understanding it then and getting what’s happening, now, heightens my response to this.

    Also I think you should note that a program such as 7zip will be needed to unpack the game.

  3. 夜中に一人でやる、

    You play it alone by yourself at night,
    but it’s not scary,
    it’s a game where you just walk.

  4. i remember playing this back when it was just made! really nice game.

    i was little and i loved the music so much i looped some tracks and described an imaginary nonsense tv show intro to go with them.

  5. This is very clearly based on a game called LSD: Dream Emulator for playstation, if anyone’s interested. Even some of the sounds are ripped directly from it I think. Anyone who likes this should check that game out.

    Anyway, this was an enjoyable game. 🙂