My #7dfps is done[Author’s Tweet]

[Play online (Unity)]


  1. This has an interesting feel. It kind of reminds me of certain parts of Marathon 2 (the one in which BOBs – the game’s friendly NPCs – were finally armed and yet still pretty useless).

    Marathon Infinity had Vacuum BOBs. Those guys knew what they were doing. Unfortunately, most of the time they were pretty keen on attacking the player. (“He killed BOB!”, etc.)

  2. I don’t know how to survive in this… my strategy is to find a mob of dudes, let them die, then run in and scoop up all their weapons.

  3. High score so far is 72 zombies (don’t really count the civilians and soldiers since I’m not trying to kill them).

    • It’s a lot more interesting if you go for points rather than kills. Going by kills, my high score is around 150, but when you play for points the game changes for the harder and better.