Serial Sniper (agrdev)


Game about searching correct victims and shooting them with sniper rifle in the rainy city park. After shoot the first victim you get a description of the next victim (and so on). If you shoot wrong guy you’ll fail.

Mouse – look
Mouse wheel – zoom
Left click – shoot

It is recommended to play fullscreen.Β – [Author’s description]

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  1. This would be better if it didn’t give you a repeat target around the 5th person that you just shot, ensuring your target doesn’t exist. And no, I checked, they didn’t spawn a new one.

    • I never had that problem, and I got into the 30s. That said, it should really make you STOP shooting after you get a game-over, ’cause if you keep shooting it turns into a “just straight up kill everyone forever” simulator, and it’s honestly better at that than it is as a simple sniper game.

    • I played it like, 10 times and in about 4 of them I lost because it asked me to shoot someone that didn’t exist

    • well πŸ‘Ώ they have to make it difficult dont they 😯 πŸ˜† 😎 :mrgreen: πŸ’‘

  2. my laptop cant open the page to play the game πŸ™

  3. Those Borsalino-hatted parallelepipedons roaming under the rain are so gloomily romantic.
    We’ll just stare at them through the viewfinder, not shooting.

  4. Hmm, compelling. It’s a bit annoying though when your target is a short fellow and a group of others start covering it. It’s like half the game becomes waiting for something the game’s programmed not to let happen. I instinctively assumed there was a way of breaking up those situations, like shooting near a group to make them disperse or something like that.

  5. I love this game, it’s very relieving to shoot little blocks with hats. I just recommend that the game would capture the mouse with the downloaded PC version (I don’t know about the Mac nor Linux versions).

    You have no idea how annoying it is to play in full screen on one of my monitors, aim perfectly between two tall dudes to shoot a short one, and accidentally click my second monitor, forcing the game to minimize. Playing in windowed mode is better with this, albeit not as immersive (as immersive as blocks with hats can be). In windowed mode when I click out of the window the game pauses until I click back, which can be useful as a cheat: if I click out of the window and pause, I can left click back in the window and shoot, or right click, resume the game, and not shoot, giving me the ability to judge whether or not the shot is good before making it.

    I don’t know if it’s just me who’s experiencing this. The web version works perfectly fine so I use that instead of the downloaded one. Anyway, good job on the game. It’s fun and relaxing.