Pan Man (Major Bueno)


Flip some pancakes to make it to the top of the world. But is flipping cakes all there is in life? – [Author’s description]

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(via Phack)


  1. I love these developers. LOVE.

  2. love it love it love it

  3. gentle breeees

    Major Bueno is stunningly good, and they release one of these suckers every month!!!! How do they do it !!!! Amazing

  4. This game is pretty damn awesome. 😯

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  6. Does it always end after 20 years, or do I just need a higher score to advance?

  7. I haven’t played a second time to see if it’s possible to advance past the 20 year mark, but wanted to note that it’s such a missed opportunity not to end with the aging prodigy sitting at home, alone, eating a nice pancake.

  8. Major Bueno are Awesome keep up the good work!
    the story felt very charming similar to a pixar short which a huge complement.

  9. Really fun and cheerful with an actually super engaging game dynamic, just like everything they’ve put out this year : )