Love Hotel (3 Silly Hats)

Build and manage a sexy hotel for lovestruck couples, making the most of a skimpy budget and showing your guests a great time.[Author’s description]

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[Download for Windows]


  1. Do the different customer types prioritize different rooms, or do they exclusively use certain rooms (not counting the closet)? It’s hard to tell in my late game situation, and this would make a big difference in how I think of the game’s takeaway.

    • Hi Noyb, one of the 3 Silly Hats here.

      The customers have a set of rooms they will exclusively use, which are the rooms we tell you about on first meeting them (and can also be seen on the room information panel as little clothes icons). But among those rooms, they do prioritize them based on some other factors.

  2. Wow! This is great love the aesthetic and the music reminds me of old LJN toys games on NES.
    The overall mechanic is resource management(i.e “Tiny Tower”)

  3. This was Awesome. I got to the million dollar mark and got the six star hotel. Great game.

  4. this game seems rad, but heads up: don’t set the enter key to be the start button otherwise none of the menus work properly. to fix it, you have to go into your appdata folder and delete the local files so you can reset it.

  5. I like this a lot but customers seem to prefer closets over any of the actual rooms 😕

  6. I was really enjoying this, but I ran into an issue: no matter how many cleaners I hired, almost all of them just hung around the lobby floor, so none of the rooms would get cleaned. I found no way to direct them around. If there’s some mechanic I’m missing, I’d like to know what!