Escape (Seonghyeon Jang, GyoungGeun Jung, Paul Jung, Jongwah Kim, Kay Kim, Sinhyub Kim, Sungho Kim, Demonique, Max Richter)

‘Escape’ is about the brave people who tried to defect from North Korea while risking their lives. (Refugee = Deception + Ports) Many of them spend up to a month in a container box with many other stowaways without any facility such as lamp or toilet. Being one of the stowaways, Player needs to respond to a secret signal in order to retrieve the scarce meal. Failure is not an option, you will either starve to death or get executed on sight. This game is dedicated to our friend, J.P. who was one of the lucky survivors.[Authors’ description]

[Play online (Flash)]
[Download for Windows]

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