Composition 62 (Nuprahtor)


WASD+Mouse – movement

Left Mouse Button – shoot

Character models by Lowlet[Author’s description]

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  1. Masterful

  2. ….
    I am now very sad

  3. Beautifully depressing. Demonstrates the natural brutality of human beings.

  4. Very moving. I love Nuprahtors work.

  5. Was mighty confused till I opened up a second instance on a hunch. But yeah, trenches are Bad Places indeed.

  6. I don’t get it…

  7. what do u do? i just find myself walking back and forth doing nothing

  8. What frustrates is that interactions like these could occur every day in almost any multiplayer game. They don’t. People normalise everything, become bored by freedom, and focus obsessively on refining the killing aspect…

    Too many times I’ve hesitated to allow a more interesting interaction to occur, particularly in MMOs. Too many times I’ve died to some soulless fool carrying on the same routine he has every day for weeks. Completely worth it, for the few times it developed into something… Different.

    We don’t need a toy like Composition 62 to explore this. It’s much more interesting in the wild.