Certain Defeat (Leon Arnott)


In this side-scrolling fantasy game, fight through 5 branching levels and stop the Queen of Monsters from conquering the Human Kingdom! A dynamic difficulty system will send you to harder or easier levels depending on whether you succeed or are defeated!

That is… unless there’s an unexplained software problem that may make victory completely impossible.

Explained in the game.[Author’s description]

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  1. Is this a game?

    • I’m sure a wonderful and very novel debate could be had about whether or not that’s the case

      • All this is is a game that really wants to be a game and it’s broken and it doesn’t understand that it’s broken. ;_;

        (Boy, this post feels like it’s subtweeting mcc big time.)

    • You need to connect a proper game controller. Jeepers, Jabberwok.

      • Huh.. I have a working gamepad, but it just says error no input device found.

        Ièll try downloading it instead of playing it in a browser.

        • Sorry for the misleading comment! Sadly, the correct peripheral device has not yet been discovered. It should turn up one of these days, at least according to rumor. Some say such a device used to be common but has since been lost to history, but you can’t trust everything you read.

  2. <3 the shout-out on the penultimate level. And that end screen? Pretty sure that’s a fetish. I saw it on a website, for reals.

  3. Very funny game! Cute scenes too.

  4. very cute 🙂 reminds me a little of Apventure of the Valkyries: https://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/3836