10 Seconds in Hell (Amy Dentata)


May be upsetting to some players for themes of domestic violence and creepy computer-generated voice acting.

– Multiple actions
– Multiple endings

WASD – Move
E/left mouse – Use item
Q/right mouse – Move item (hold and drag)[Author’s description]

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  1. This is definitely disturbing. Great job of creating a menacing atmosphere. I wish you had more than 10 seconds (damned themes)! I can’t get all 3 endings yet, but I’ll keep trying.

  2. Is there a strategy guide yet? 😉
    But seriously I kinda need one.

  3. Spoiler Inside SelectShow

    The first time I played this, I felt really scared.

    You can buy time to investigate the room more. You’ll need to use the right mouse button.

  4. It’s so amazing to craft an experience in such a short timeframe (48 hours including sleep + food) that invokes intense emotion in people. So much for needing millions of tris to make gamers feel! Thank you all for playing!

  5. This was pretty silly.