Scarred (Leo Burke)

As we live our lives, some scars are visible, while others are not so visible.[Author’s description]

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  1. So I walk out of the parent’s house, to the left for some time and then fall off the map… πŸ˜•

    • You’re supposed to head into the lake to trigger the level change. I kinda fucked up not securing the level 100%.

      • Yeah, I saw the lake, but I didn’t feel like swimming… I was afraid that I might drown (by accident!!!) if I go swimming in such a bad mood… πŸ˜₯
        I kinda liked the game, by the way. I just quit at this point because… WTF! πŸ˜‰

  2. A very fun and enjoyable play.

  3. Allright, so I played by the rules this time… πŸ˜‰
    I enjoyed the game in general and the artwork in special, but I think you need just a litte more practice with the unity engine to make it work perfectly. And sound fx and/or music would greatly enhance the experience, I think.
    Otherwise, it was good!!!

  4. from what i understand, this is very sad

  5. Feels strange to say that I enjoyed the game, since it’s not a happy game.

    Great effort, especially artwork and atmosphere. Keep up the good work!

  6. tragic and poetic

  7. Actually thought a lack of sound fit pretty well with this, but I suppose the right sound could enhance it as well. The controls were a little difficult.