Rotational (Kevin Messman, Andrew Gleeson)


“A love letter to Hexagon.”[Author’s description]

[Windows Download]
[Mac Download]


  1. I can’t recommend this enough. I’m at 49%, wish me luck!

  2. My eyes are watering and it’s glorious

  3. Incredible. I’am looking forward to see this on android/iOS 😉
    Btw good luck David. I’am at 30% xD

  4. Great idea, well done. I think this showcases just how important the music is to Super Hexagon though.

    Besides this getting irritating really quickly and not jumping around in the track enough, the biggest problem with the game is that the music’s tempo doesn’t match the gap between boxes very well.

    Still, fantastic simple concept.

  5. Can’t manage to get very far yet, but this is really on point as homage/extrapolation.