Pure Again (Kevin McGowan)


It has bodyswapping trans* themes – sort of magic realism or SF, perhaps. One way or another, it’s about bodies and body-suffering and taking a stand to get your damn life fixed by any means necessary. – [Author’s description]

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  1. Kitty Horrorshow


    It’s like trans-themed vodoun by way of Phillip K Dick

  2. This gave me feelings.

  3. words kicked me in the belly in a good way

  4. oh hey, crystal castles. this was pretty great. please make it in real life. >.>

  5. well, that was raw and intense and now I’m crying. adding this to my list of “things that accurately describe gender dysphoria”.

  6. Oh, this is so good. I love the world it describes, hundreds of people (in this locality alone?) waiting for a donor/match. Hints of dystopia + wish-fulfillment through future technologies = a really nice texture.

  7. This feels special. It’s a Twine about dysphoria, yes, but it’s also about happiness, even in an our-world-today-is-not-actually-like-this way. And without presenting any kind of utopia (the procedure is fairly illegal). It’s also made by a man, which I think is unusual though I never really checked.