Miracles Magpie (John Candy)

Pretty short game(in fact it gets shorter and shorter as you progress through it) about a few people doing their best in their various times and places.[Author’s Description]

This game may require installation of the RPG Maker 2003 RTP.

[Download for Windows]


  1. what an adventure! I love trying to find the pathways to all the areas. so much chaos to see here

  2. The first room is a completely black space. By walking around I can feel out the boundaries – square, with a c-shaped block in the middle. I can’t seem to interact with anything, or progress in any way.

    • Try loading instead of starting a new game…

      • I also have same problem…i tried loading from save but to no avail.(black screen)
        …hmmm this game did interest me. walk around room nothing happens a block in the middle but now gateways….

        • Spoiler Inside SelectShow
          • Thanks that helped. Just getting started but love the style and music (reminds me of gatekeeper(band) a bit)

  3. thanks y’all for playin

  4. The file system2c cannot be opened. 😥