ISIS (Liz England)

You are ISIS, a space station. You have a crew of one. How long can you two keep each other company before someone snaps?[Author’s description]

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  1. Excellently conceived. Implementation powerful and original. “Perspectival shift” applies here. Some inconsistencies between chosen option and result, not sure if accidental or meant to represent real computer malfunction. Copied false paradox from Portal 2 that actually has a definitive answer, but forgivable.

  2. “Jeanne Dielman” in space!

  3. Brilliant game! Very true to how tight quarters can strain any relationship.

  4. I love messing with this guy.

  5. I really enjoyed playing this. I love the way the station is described as an organism, with the human living inside. I was dissapointed by the assumption that the AI will kill all humans, rather than try to nurture a healthy relationship. There is very little wrong with the dude, other than him just being a little board.

    Basically what I’m saying is: I want more. I want a longer more level game in which the teasing can be more subtle, and more optional.

    I lasted 264 days without doing much to earn the pilot’s distrust. When the same message about his father’s death gets replayed I stopped. Give me more!