HORSEMASTER The Game of Horse Mastery (Tom McHenry)


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  1. hiors……..horsem ats…..rerrrr……..

  2. Consult the Wiki to correctly min-max your Horse.

  3. What the actual fuck did I just play. I mean. What.

  4. That was bizarre, the author definitely gives you just enough to get a feeling across while leaving you wondering about the specific details of this world he’s made. Good stuff!

    Also in the title art is that his back-leg or his ween?

  5. Daaaaaannggg this is amazing.

  6. Kitty Horrorshow

    this is perfect

    i am not a HORSE MASTER but a HORSE SLAVE…

  7. Loved it. The neurosis of your protagonist, the descriptive prose, the deliciously cynical television ramblings of a society-turned-dystopia. I have played once so far and managed to get locked up in jail for life. Super Hans is out there somewhere, roaming the streets for food! I hope my little buddy is making it!

    And I will most certainly play the sequel, Centaur Master!