a kiss (Dan Waber)


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  1. Trivia: this Twine game contains 1001 passages and almost 800kb of passage text.

  2. Wow! 1001 passages? Was it made with the Twine GUI? God I hope not.

    I promise to keep coming back to this again and again. I love how matter-o-factly everything is stated. We have the whole history of a relationship folded into the map of a coast or the branches of a tree.

  3. This is great. I feel like I’ve only just started exploring (not sure I understand the loopback moments), but wanted to suggest that this might count as Twine’s first truly Modernist piece? (I’m probably pointed toward that claim via echoes of the catechism chapter from near the end of Ulysses. Twine is, this makes clear, perfect for expressing that quixotic desire to catalog every facet of an event.)

    In any case, this is lovely. A moment that’s stood out as particularly so is when what at first appears to be a flippant bit of extended heartbeat onomatopoeia turns out to encode a genetic condition — you assume the writer is just being…writerly (though even then, enjoyably so), and then it becomes clear the writing is one step ahead of you. A nice feeling.

    I’m tempted to give directions to that passage, but it’s probably more fun not to.

  4. It was made with the Twine GUI. Here’s a screen capture: https://logolalia.com/hypertexts/hypertextscreencap.gif

  5. Wow. Consider my flabber officially gasted.

  6. This is absolutely wonderful.