Zebra Hunt (Nik Sudan)

Out in the savannah, a lonesome hunter awakens.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. The rest button (spacebar) doesn’t work in any useful way it seems. It doesn’t recharge your strength bar, and doesn’t seem to be any different than just standing around.

    • It increases your day score by half a day. Maybe you don’t consider days to be a good incentive, but that’s basically the game’s goal: hunt as many zebras and live as many days as possible.

    • Hunting at night is harder due to less zebras

      • Strange, I find it easier due to zebras not running away. That is, they’re probably fewer but you got a guaranteed regular flow of zebras into your belly.

        To me, that was an interesting point in the game: when night comes, do I choose to increase my zebra count by hunting when it’s easier, or do I choose to increase my day count by skipping time without increasing hunger?

        • Aha, never thought of it that way. I feel like adding some sort of difficulty curve to it but I think I’m just gonna leave it as it is!

  2. Interesting action and addictive.