TRrBL (Florian van Strien)

A small puzzle game with 20 levels. You can replace blocks with other blocks.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. This is a shining example of great puzzle game design. Difficulty curve is decent, and it offers a single level skip for those tough challenges (which can be bought back by solving the skipped level). The puzzle mechanics themselves were simple to grasp yet each block would add lots of variation in how they could be used in both puzzle design and solution. As a result of that and more good design by the developer the puzzles were not overwhelming (by which I mean difficulty was not created by just adding loads of elements to a level). Levels had multiple solutions that actually felt quite different from one another and it felt good to “break” the game by getting to the goal using a less obvious method.

    The only thing in terms of design I felt lacking was an undo button, which would have been helpful especially considering how easy it was to accidentally go one step too far when moving a block.
    Also, the game had some issues with the disappearing blocks and other blocks overlapping sometimes – in level 18 I was saddened to find I could not move a yellow block any further because it was occupying the same space as a dotted outline (presumably I was interacting with the grey block rather than the yellow). Thankfully this never proved a huge problem, even when trying to find the most obscure solutions possible.

    Highly recommended.