Tower of the Blood Lord (Michael Lutz)


I’ve made a twine game called The Tower of the Blood Lord, which is based on the time I played the first twenty minutes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.[ Author’s description]

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  2. Eating the general is the most satisfying thing a game has enabled me to do in a while.

    Also: followed the frog. I’ll be coming back to this. That multiplayer’s got its hooks in me too : )

  3. Powerful game! There is so much gladly surprising content, under the surface here. And the surface is brilliant already!

  4. i played this before i went to bed and had a dream where i played modern warfare 2 and found the frog and did the stuff and was like “ohhhhh that’s where the author got that shit from”

  5. Excellent on so many levels… as satire, as serious commentary, and as a game in its own right. Not many games can make you laugh out loud several times while also offering such rich symbolism and making such serious (and spot-on) underlying points.