Soundodger (OneMrBean)

dodge the music – [in game text]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. When I saw this at Experimental Gameplay Workshop this one reminded me a lot of Norwegian Wood: Happy to be able to play it at last.

  2. This is pretty engaging for such a simple premise. Great music, too.

    It’s interesting to see Adult Swim branching out into non-silly games.

  3. I often find danmaku to be hypnotically beautiful and this game definitely hits the mark.

  4. I don’t find just dodging to be that interesting. If it had a Ikaruga type of element to it where you absorbed certain colors, then it might work. Right now it seems like it’s just a hypnosis app.

  5. This was one of my most anticipated things and first impressions are goddamn great. I love where this game’s priorities are: non-agressive, barely punitive gameplay that can get as challenging as you want it. Figuring out cursor patterns to match those of the bullets is a magical feeling, and everything about the presentation is golden.

    Deluxe desktop version? Anytime!

  6. add me to the list of people that is glad to see this is out.