Souls (Retrobytes Productions)

O Left
P Right
Q Up / Shield
A Down / Bonfire
M Use magic (Only if you previously visited the sorcerer)
SPACE Attack with your sword
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[Download for Spectrum]
[Emulators for ZX Spectrum]

(via Chris Priestman, Indiestatik)


  1. I don’t have enough ESTAMINA to roll!

  2. The Real Dark Souls starts when you try to get a spectrum emulator working.

    • I’d recommend Speccy (on linked page, though I have 1.7). Start wspeccy, pick a tape (game), and it should give you an in-screen menu.

      Press enter on that menu to select Tape Loader. Then go to Hardware in the file menu above and select “Rewind and Start Tape”.

      Then just wait a bit. If you want to switch games, remember to do a Hardware Reset (in the file menu). Also Spectrum 128K from the Hardware->Computer Model menu probably works best.

      F9 speeds up the emulator, which helps a lot with loading screens.

    • I used Fuse, it worked pretty well.

  3. I got stuck and accidentally started grinding. I got to level 12, then the game started freezing…

    Super fun until then though.

    • Same thing happened to me. I was fighting the boss when it froze, and I had to start over. Otherwise it was just what the doctor ordered.

  4. What are souls good for?

    • They’re like experience points. Fill up the right side of the screen and you level up, making most of your actions a bit faster. You lose all souls upon death, unless you’re able to revisit the screen where you last died.

  5. This is neat, especially how — at least for me — progression mirrored that of Dark Souls, in which increased facility with the game systems lets you breeze through areas that previously took a significant amount of care and attention. (The shield/stab controls are much more responsive than I had at first assumed!)

    But I’ve reached what I think is the final boss and I could use confirmation that

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow
    • Spoiler Inside SelectShow
      • Thanks!

        Spoiler Inside SelectShow
  6. I kept on getting stuck on ladders. 🙁 Had to stop playing because I was trapped somewhere that I couldn’t get back because of the ladder bug.