Room of 1000 Snakes (Ben Esposito, Yuliy Vigdorchik)


play with sound[Author’s description]

[Play online (Unity)]


  1. im so overwhelmed by how good this is

  2. Haha, this is great

  3. Don’t ask, just play.

  4. The “play online” link doesn’t work, but was able to play with the author’s description link.

  5. I am going to be smiling about this game as I try and go to sleep shortly. Sound was perfect.

  6. i don’t deserve this beauty

  7. hahaha, this is glorious 😀

  8. Played through more than once!

  9. it’s 5am

    i’ve had quite an evening

    this is the best punctuation i could hope for

  10. So awesome. I didn’t expect a thing. What a wonderful idea!

  11. Indiana Jones would have hated this game.

  12. “I hate games, Jock! I HATE ’em!”

  13. Well that was great. I feel strangely refreshed.

  14. Wonderful.

  15. I like to think this reaction was the explorer’s last thoughts.