RMW Chain Game (Despain, Clord, Hesufo, Espon, Zetu, Evan G, Lustermx, Seacliff, Valkill101, Deckiller, Zeuzio)

The idea is simple: everybody took a turn creating a chapter in the game. When one chapter was finished, it was passed on to the next person in the chain. By the end, a bunch of people collaborated on one game!

This is a fun activity: everybody is invited to participate in future chain games. The idea is to just have fun with RPG Maker and make some games. Get goofy and enjoy yourself. Take a break from your serious project and throw together a chapter.[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. :O Is this a good RPG Maker game? I haven’t played one of these in forever…

  2. I played this for an hour and uploaded the gameplay with entertaining live commentary if you want to see what it’s like:

  3. start dungeon is pretty cool cuz no battles, then it starts to get generic. apparently there are neat puzzles later tho?

    still a cool community project :>

    • Yeah, there are some notable bumps and dips in quality throughout. One thing I liked is that the writing improved quite a bit as it went on.