Problem Attic (liz ryerson)


note: if you reach a screen that you think is the ending but you’re not sure, you’re not at the end. you haven’t reached the ending until the game literally tells you it’s the “end” =)

arrow keys to move
z to jump
r to ??
x to start [Author’s description]

[Play Online]
[Play Online (Mirror)]


  1. This is good but caused my computer fan to quickly accelerate to worryingly loud speeds. This increased the feeling of rising terror in a way that future generations will probably sadly miss out on.

  2. fotocopiadora

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!holy fucking shit

  3. Disturbing, disorienting and delightful.

  4. BEAT IT. Jeez, that was a trip.

  5. Great game. Reminds me a bit of Venture.

  6. Got to the overgrow garden room and couldn’t figure out how to progress. There’s also a yellow spot on the wall that lets you bug your way into the top of the other side of the room.

    • fotocopiadora
      Spoiler Inside SelectShow