not august (Jake Clover, Jack King-Spooner)

Use the arrow keys, Z to fire gun, X to dodge bullets.

Use arrows to select level / aircraft and Enter to confirm.

Blue lines = checkpoints/ respawn points. This is what you gotta get


SO, I thought this might be difficult to notice, but you need to hold ‘up’ in order to actually move forward through the levels. You can see your actual movement speed in comparison to the background scan lines.

You need to try and advance through the stages by getting past each checkpoint. Player and allies respawn at last checkpoint.[Author’s Description]

(via Paul Hack,

[Download for Windows]


  1. i like that youre part of a squadron, not alone

  2. The Clover King-Spooner duo has done it again. These two are super-hot right now.

    The bullet-dodging mechanic was done well. And I liked the feeling of safety from being enveloped in friendly, covering fire. The periodic “power-ups” didn’t seem to help me much during my playthrough, though.

  3. Also I want to add that the name “not august” is perfect – this is one of the best-named games I’ve played in awhile!

    And I want to add that the screencap above is arguably a spoiler. Oh well.

    Sorry for the double post.

  4. Another Jake Clover game threatens to blow out my speakers.

  5. Wow this has such a such a dark and scary vibe. Nice weight to the movement and incredible soundscape. I expected a throwaway quickie, but far from it.