Let’s Play: Ancient Greek Geometry (Nico Disseldorp)

it’s little bit Geometry tool, and a little bit puzzle game.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (HTML5)]


  1. played this a bit more, have been resisting looking up solutions – quite enjoying it : )

  2. This is incredibly enjoyable. Perhaps he could have put in a 17-gon for hard mode. What I’m embarrassed to have trouble figuring out as a mathematician, though, is what an origin circle is.

    • Within the context of the game, it’s a circle whose origin is one of the two, initial bold vertices. The picture above shows a triangle inscribed in an origin circle.

      • Aha, got it. I managed to get that with a bit more experimentation and noticing that the “achievement” icons had a particularly black centerpoint. Thanks!

        • More specifically, an “origin circle” is a circle whose origin is one of the initial supplied points *and* whose radius is the distance between the two points, i.e. one of the two first circles you can draw from the beginning.

  3. Neat. It’s really pleasurable to just mess around with, and so the concrete goal list in the corner feels like a bonus level of fun.

    (It took me a while to realize “Better Pop Up Blocker” was blocking the javascript that draws the circles, in case anyone else has the same problem.)

  4. Controversial


  5. All through my math career (a minor focused on abstract algebra) I’ve carried a compass and straight edge, and done all my math in sketch-books rather than lined paper. When things got rough — when a group action wasn’t behaving; when a tank of salt water wasn’t flowing quite right; when integration by parts seemed endless — I would whip out my compass and straight edge and see what kind of a mess I could make. Sometimes I would literally spend hours just to see. Just to see!

    This brought me back.

    I demand that @sciencevsmagic teams up with @wewanttoo to make an iOS/Android version targeted towards children. This is my demand.