Crawl, worm, crawl! (Pol)

It’s a kind of simplified QWOP-like horrible “runner” where you play a worm trying to escape its tragic fate *insert pathos here*.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. Awesome idea. I was crawling so hard my fingers just freaked out and quit. I’m going back to try again.

  2. I started giggling uncontrollably. I must show all my friends.

  3. The pattern you need to press is easy to figure out, but training yourself to do it quickly and accurately enough to win is a fascinating bit of psychology.


  5. I cheated: just look away from the screen and type GHFJ as fast as you can. You might stumble a bit, but in general you go forward fast enough to win. In practice the thing that fucks you up is the shaking red screen and stress of knowing that you are fucking up. (pro tip: apply this principle in all things)

    • Though this is correct to some extent (at least’s how I beat it) checking out the screen from time to time is somewhat necessary, since a simple misstep could transform the GHFJ sequence from the correct one to the one that makes you go exactly backwards.

      • Not really. As long as you’re mostly typing GHFJ, a single mistake will only set you back briefly, and four keystrokes later you should be back up to speed going forward.

  6. MOST FRUSTRATING GAME EVER!!! The pattern to win is so easy but halfway through mashing the keys, something weird happens and my brain does “what the heck am I doing?” and I lose the tempo

  7. G and H can’t be simultaneous on my keyboard. This makes the game more interesting!