apartment building (lilith)


Finished a handful of games themed around apartments/isolation/mania. [Author’s description]

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  1. #1 reminds me a bit of Shade. I would love to see a remake of Shade done as a graphical adventure in Unity…

  2. Man is this bizarre! And awesome!

  3. That gold idol is creepy as all hell. It speaks to how an innocuous item can grow sinister by popping up where you least expect/want it to be.

  4. always cool to see new stuff by lilith : )

  5. I really liked this. Feels like exploring a mental space, and one could imagine new “rooms” being added to the “building” and only enrich the whole.

    • Yeah I REALLY dig this form. I want to see more things like this. The tower was particularly nice, loved the waving grass and the skybox.

      • I really liked the tower bit too. So unexpected…

        This may be kinda silly but in the context of the author’s quote above, it made me think that the occupant of that room had somehow found a way of conceptualising a space where they could be free from the cramp of the apartment, which is why the building in that world is only half-formed / being destroyed?

        And that made me sort of think that when you see the Gate in the other apartment building, only where it’s too tiny to go into and on a table, then the owner of that other apartment wasn’t able to escape in the same way by losing themselves in their imagination. And that made me sad.

  6. This reminded me of that Tape Dream game. So I go and check, and yep, same person.