Anhedonia (maddox pratt)


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  1. Absolutely one of the most amazing things I’ve seen done with Twine thus far.

  2. As the most boring person in the world, I believe arbitrarily sorting all content into the categories of “game” and “notgame” to be exponentially more important than the opportunity to experience something beautiful.

  3. this is beautiful and sad, and it resonates with me.

    thank you

  4. Wonderful and strong stuff and hecka impressive use of Twine to boot.

  5. I think that the highest praise I can give to this is that I almost cried.

    A beautiful game.

  6. As we say here in Québec: Câlice…

  7. Matthew Ishii

    I love that screenshot so much. The whole game is great, but that screenshot is like a terribly formatted but amazing haiku loaded with nostalgia and wistful joy and regret. The best kind of nostalgia!