A Second Chance (Major Bueno)

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 21.51.18
With great power comes great responsibility.With great power comes great responsibility.[Author’s description]

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  1. Fun, but I wish the other commands served a meaningful purpose.

  2. This was a lot more straightforward than I had expected!

    But maybe I missed something? (I didn’t come across any situation during which anything on the main green panel was relevant other than the enter and leave ship commands.)

    • the fun of the commands is how we feel about them

      • That’s a good way to approach it, thanks.

        But I also like playing with the open/close door commands as the little astronauts are trying to enter the ship. So I seem to be demanding more easter eggs, which is a weird thing to demand. And custom gameover screens for each type of failure, which is a lot of work to demand from a free game’s creator (though that would make the whole thing a bit more fun to mess around with, especially for those of us with apparently weakened imaginations [smiley face]).

  3. I was just thinking how nice that screenshot is. (P.S. Stephen you misspelled “chance”).

  4. You can move the shuttle with nobody in it.

    If you bring back the shuttle, but leave the astronauts behind (and then detonate the bomb, while they’re on the asteroid), it still says “everyone lived.”

  5. I Love Major Bueno And I Love This Game

  6. Somehow I was able to drop and detonate the bomb despite 3 of the astronauts (including the one holding the bomb) to be thrown out of the shuttle early, because i prematurely opened the door.