A Dark Room (Doublespeak Games)


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  1. Oh my gosh! Have fun with this awesome game πŸ™‚ If you liked Candy Box…

  2. This game is really fun! I love how a fire lit room can grow to a village. πŸ™‚

  3. Yesss

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  5. This is really good. The exploration aspect, the slow building up of a map excursion by excursion really hooked me.

    But I almost missed that completely because I had made a couple of bad assumptions. This was definitely almost 100% my fault, but it was triggered by

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    In any case, there’s a satisfying interlocking of game systems here, and discovering all the nuances of how exploration/progress works was a treat.

    But one critique of the late-game crafting/purchasing structure:

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    I’m also not so sure I appreciate the abruptness of the ending.

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  6. This game reminds me of how my brother and cousins and I used to go out after it would and try to make little seaside villages out of sticks at the edges of water puddles. It evoked these memories very strongly for me. It’s a rare treat to play a game that has compelling gameplay that is new to me, while at the same time givng me nostalgia for past games or experiences from my life. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense, it’s tough for me to word.

    Also, this instantly draws comparisons to Candy Box for me. While both games seem to have very similar gameplay, they apparently have very different goals. Candy Box felt like a concept exercise on “How far can we stretch the idea of ‘press button, receive candy’,” in a vein similar to Frog Fractions.

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    This game felt like it was about scope. You start incredibly zoomed in,

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    Two very different approaches built on the same framework.

  7. After Candy Box, I’m feeling like a new genre or something is arising here….

    (this game takes an oddly dark twist once you get a compass)

  8. So the weapons…does it make any difference *how many* of a weapon you bring?

  9. This game was actually really interesting and fun. I spent hours getting into this dark world. At first I thought it was in modern times, then I thought maybe it was at the dawn of civilization – the surprise came through exploration.

    Awesome work.

  10. Wow, a really good game, I did’t like the ending though. I had got laser gun and grenades πŸ™‚ . πŸ™ to bad it ended