WONDER CITY (Wonder City Team)


…a narrative, choose-your-adventure game where players navigate through a high school where people are mysteriously granted superpowers. Each episode explores stereotypes, beauty myths, harassment, bullying, and peer influence. It gives players the chance to fight back against all of those influences and stand up for others.[Interview with designer]

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  1. It is both fascinating and stupfeying how a game that claims to be about inclusion and self-image can contain so many stereotypes and generalizations.

  2. I was enjoying playing through this, when suddenly I couldn’t do anything. I’m outside the school, having just called my guy friend to get him to help me out, when things just stopped working. I’m not sure why. Any ideas?

  3. I love this game! 😀 Right now I’m playing it for the second time! Whoever made this beautifully crafted game, should totally make more of them! :mrgreen:
    Thank you for making such a lovely game!

  4. plz how can i play it