When All You Have Is A Hammer All Your Problems Start To Look Like Nails (Stacy Smith)

The only buttons you need to play this are the arrow keys, Z and escape.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. I feel like an idiot. I can’t get past that damned first pink block level

    • Platforming is a bit unintuitive. You can’t jump vertically then move horizontally. Instead, you can climb up on platforms by holding both up and either left or right when you’re next to a solid tile and there’s empty space above it.

      • Nono, I can get past that. I just can’t figure out how to lift the block so I can get to the end.

        • Are you talking about the very early level with the “up and to the right” text? If so, you can’t lift that block. Rather, you can make it up the two-block-high platform on the right by pressing up to jump and then up and right together to scurry over the corner.

          If you’re talking about a later level you can sort of lift a block with a handle by

          Spoiler Inside SelectShow

          (This is a great little game, by the way. Such good variation.)

  2. Awesome game! The way it keeps introducing new ways to manipulate the same elements is fantastic.

  3. Europeans: Z=Y”!

  4. luv it. Thank you very much

  5. Superb game. Unfortunately I’m stuck at level 11 (“Careful with the handles…”). Anyone figured out the level skip feature?

    • To answer my own question: just found out how to solve said level. Oh stupid me…