welcome to the forest (Nuprahtor)


WASD – movement

Left Mouse Button – action

Right Mouse Button – in dialog[Author’s description]

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  1. Yes I agree, quite beautiful.

  2. Breathtaking. Nuphrator’s Compositions are intense, but I’ve always loved his more narrative games. This might be my favorite Rorscach/Larshe game. Feels very complete, and like he’s really trying to do something out of his comfort zone.

  3. I am disoriented as to whether I reached the proper ending or if it crashed, though…

  4. I’m also unsure about how (or indeed IF) the game ends, but otherwise this would be my favorite of the three “Compositions” I’ve tried. It actually looks, sounds and feels like playing through a memory, especially in the battlefield part. It’s a subtle touch, but the way that each successive text passage appears lower than the previous helps create a nice sense of progression, similar to the progressive lengthening used in many Twine games.

    I would almost Highly Recommend this, but perhaps wish it was just a BIT longer to flesh out a thing or two. If it isn’t just a crash.