The Queen of Snakes (JO99, Kronsilds)


Mademoiselle Libellule et ses compagnons se rendent au temple de la mystérieuse Reine des Serpents. Trouveront-ils son trésor qu’un grand nombre d’aventuriers ont tenté de récupérer avant de mourir ? Cela ne tient qu’à vous … [Author’s description]

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  1. Love the art and how the music track builds up as you keep solving puzzles. Good sense of space.

  2. i’ve never seen anything take this long to load

  3. SquifflySqabblepaff

    Anyone know where I can find the mirror for the little guy in the Snake King’s throne room??
    This game’s amazing BTW.

  4. wow, that hissing noise is so irritating i couldn’t bring myself to let the game load. 🙁

  5. Hello, I’m the guy who made the sound and music on this game. Sorry for the sound while loading, it’s a pit of rattle snakes. I didn’t thought that the game would load so slowly on the website. You can turn off the volume while loading, and then turn it back on to play.
    Once again, sorry for the inconvenience

  6. Wonderful game! I really enjoyed. Looking forward to the “to be continued” that I got at the end.

  7. What Noyb said. Great art, great music. Loved it.

  8. The click-fest gameplay put me off pretty much right away, but those visuals are incredibly beautiful.