Snaaaake! (Fernando Ramallo, Miguel Angel Perez Martinez)

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Do not panic[Author’s description]

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  1. Visual art: excellent! Sexy in fact. Works well with the music.
    Mechanics: Wonky but effective! Achievements more or less highlight every issue the game has, as does the infinite mode. The achievements are abominations.
    The constrict mechanic needs to be more translucent, or at the least more impactful. Constricting trees makes me sad, and there were a lot of buildings I attempted to constrict that were not able to be constricted.
    OCD on these levels is a chore, and the main game recognizes this. I don’t see why they decided to include the achievements on top, or at least I don’t see why they made them so *painful*.

    Can someone screenshot a hobo for me?

  2. I wish space closed the loops I made with my body.