Princess Chardonnay in Bomb Kingdom (Ishisoft)

using just bombs as the puzzle elements[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. The second puzzle is hard – but, refreshingly, you get to discover a new game rule by yourself.

  2. Awesome! I was stuck on level 10 for a while… (the solution is a little backwards)

  3. This is so very excellent — specifically, perhaps, because so many of the 10 puzzles involve sussing out further nuances of the initial game rules. Everything’s behaving just as it was before, but you had no reason to realize that X! Or you understood the general contours of Y but had no reason until now to see how Y operates under specific circumstances or precisely how the algorithm for Y is tuned. I don’t think I’m exaggerating by saying this felt like masterful design.

    That said, there was an early level (maybe #2?) that unfortunately requires you to make a jump at maximum length, and if you haven’t intuited quite how far you can run to the edge of a platform before jumping, you may be left thinking you simply can’t make the jump you’ve set up for yourself and that you need to work out a solution that doesn’t require it. (I think an easy fix would just be to extend the jump-length by some tiny fraction of a unit-square.)

    Lastly, I wonder if my solution for the final level was an unintentional one. It seemed much too simple compared to all but the earliest levels, maybe because it really doesn’t require learning anything new? (Or maybe my solution for #9 was unintended, already incorporating #10’s linchpin where a simpler solution would have worked? [#9 took me the longest amount of experimental prodding before finally getting everything to work out.])

    • It was level #3, and thanks, that was all I was missing ๐Ÿ™‚

      Stuck on 9 now; sadly the walls extend off screen ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I’m still stuck on level 9! Must be on my 30th try by now. I thought I had it, but I’m at a dead end. If someone wants to spoil it for me, I think I’ll take it.

      But this really is a very smart, very fun game. Excellent indeed. It never asks me to implement its rules twice in the same way, really, which is welcome. It’s a steep learning curve, but what you should learn is that you’re going to continuously be thinking about different ways to use the existing rules.

      Love it.

      • Some progressively more helpful hints:

        Spoiler Inside SelectShow
        Spoiler Inside SelectShow
        Spoiler Inside SelectShow
        Spoiler Inside SelectShow

        But that’s probably nothing you haven’t already realized. Here are the first two steps in my solution:

        Spoiler Inside SelectShow
        Spoiler Inside SelectShow

        That’s probably enough to point toward the end? (It took me more than a bit of experimenting.)

        • Thanks a lot! Somehow I’d written off the exact sequence in that last point and that was the key to making it all work.

          Level 10 felt like the cakiest of walks.

  4. Very nice puzzles. I love the minimalist design and the way the game still gets so much from so little mechanics. Very appropriate to the theme!
    Level 7 probably took me longest. I think I ended up toying around there for so long that lvl 9 made immediate sense afterwards. I agree that lvl 10 was a bit on the easy side compared to the ones before. Maybe that’s just because it’s simply an application of things I had to learn previously rather than forcing me to learn something new itself. (I didn’t even use all bombs on that lvl, not sure if that’s intended, though)

  5. this game made so angry,i swear. I cant pass level 3 and all that to the fault of the princess’s speed she is not fast enough maybe this game is not best played on keyboard like mine.

  6. Could a mac version be made?

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