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Heroes (Alexandre Duret-Lutz)

Heroes is similar to the “Tron” and “Nibbles” games of yore, but includes many graphical improvements and new game features. In it, you must maneuver a small vehicle around a world and collect powerups while avoiding obstacles, your opponents’ trails, and even your own trail. [Author’s description]

[Download for DOS]
[Download for Everything]

[DOSBox emulator]

Leaf Me Alone (Mark Foster, David Fenn)

We tried to focus on the feel of the world and the ambience to make it seem like a nice place to wander around.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]

Joe Snow Collection (Phil Hassey)

You now enter a world where ice rules over all. You now enter a world where fire is the enemy.[Author’s description]

[Download for DOS]

[DOSBox emulator]
(Phil Hassey’s site)

MONO (timtipgames)

MONO is an art inspired game. You control an eye through a series of levels which feature puzzle and skill based elements. [Author’s Description]

[Play online (Java)]
[Download .JAR file]

Jump ‘n Bump (Brainchild Design)

What could possibly happen in a quiet park with some butterflies and a couple of rabbits?[Author’s description]

[Download for DOS]

[DOSBox emulator]

Liero (Joosa Riekkinen)

Pick your five weapons, and unleash your inner fury.[Site’s description]

[Download for DOS]
[Download for Windows]

[DOSBox emulator]

The Last Eichhof (Alpha Helix)

The battle of the breweries![Author’s description]

[Download for DOS]

[DOSBox emulator]

Quadnet (Brainchild Design)

You’ll need all the firepower you can get when the hordes of enemy robots start coming after you.[Author’s description]

[Download for DOS]

[DOSBox emulator]

Mr. Rescue (Tangram Games)

Mr. Rescue is an arcade styled 2d action game centered around evacuating civilians from burning buildings.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]
[Download for Love]


Drink Everything Man (MichaelTheAkin)

22688You are Drink Everything Man (or Woman) and your mission to to drink everything![Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]