Notes (Droqen)

notesnote: the maximum score is 8.[Author’s Notes]

(via John Polson,

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. This is incredible. It’s like deciphering a language.

  2. Amazing. But I’m tearing my hair out over this one (what’s left of it). Is there some sort of Rosetta stone, or is figuring out the other codes really a matter of trial and error?

    • Everything’s in the notes!

    • I should have added this over Twitter but, without giving anything away completely (but still, best not to peek until you’re tearing your hair out):

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      But Terry’s right: it really is all in the notes. At least everything you absolutely need for a perfect score.

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  3. Great game!


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  4. I’m rather confused as to how score is calculated. I’ve only ever received 0.

    • I’ve even managed to get to the end without touching pink – albeit through a non-canonical route.

  5. enjoyed 🙂 I’ve only ever gotten a score of zero.

    • Putting this in spoiler tags just in case — one turn of phrase is a bit more revealing than I intended — but it’s more of a nudge in the right direction than an outright solution:

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  6. I liked this a lot more before I realized that all the answers were in the notes.

    Still clever as heck.

  7. I’m stuck at 6 points! Awesome game though, will keep trying those A3 and B2 rooms I still haven’t solved.

  8. OK I finally got 8, but I’m very confused about how I did it. Anyone care to enlighten me on how do the codes work?

  9. Here’s my best understanding of what the numbers mean.

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  10. That URL makes me so jealous.

  11. Very interesting!
    I played for a while, but only had the patience to aim for a score of three. It’s interesting to follow the instructions, but fun to play around myself too.