Misadventure (Matzerath)

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A long time ago (1978), a child turned on a home gaming console for a little Saturday morning fun — unaware that interdimensional demons were using it as a portal into our world![Author’s Description]

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  1. So good! (I’ve reached what I think is the last screen, but didn’t manage to make my way through.)

  2. I love that screenshot!

  3. the soundtrack rules too

  4. Incredible atmosphere! Really terrifying.

  5. Pretty sure I’ve had nightmares almost exactly like this.
    Almost got that Sword of Quantum dammit!

  6. After I had to restart from the beginning for the first time, I nearly stopped playing out of frustration. I’m glad I didn’t. This game turned out to be less frustrating than it seemed it would be. After I solved one region once I was be able to solve it again very quickly. Plus the overall length of the game is short.

    The restarting was important anyway for the game’s story and atmosphere.

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  7. Cthulhu meets Atari 2600’s Adventure. So cool.

  8. finally completed it – awesome : )

  9. [Show][Hide]When I die holding the hammer (getting sucked into mouth of red demon thing), I respawn without it and can no longer find it. Bug or intentional?

    • Wow, you went far astray to make that set of circumstances occur! I will fix that rare possibility, as well as the ‘plot glitch’ I was informed of yesterday, which is also caused by taking the road less traveled/strange intentions, tee hee.

      • yeah the problem was I couldn’t ‘hold’ a monster (the one required for short-cutting the laser beam in front of the ‘stone wall room’) while also holding the hammer. So I went the other way. Finished it now. Very intriguing little game. Good job.

        • If you try it again some time, keep in mind you can drop any item with SPACE and it’ll still be there whenever you revisit the room. So the idea is dropping the hammer with space, grabbing the key/monster/mask, using it, and then going back and taking the hammer again.

  10. This was a solid game throughout. Satisfying conclusion too. If you ever do something like it again you could have the dials on the tv be interactive. Oh and if you want to go really crazy, you could actually make it a 2600 cartridge and sell it on Atariage. I’d like to see your take on Polybius. The “official” one doesn’t play very well.

  11. I liked this a lot. Brought back childhood memories of playing ‘The Evil Dead’ on a Commodore 64. Was that an influence?

    • Holy crap, I had no idea there was an old school Evil Dead game! I just watched a Youtube video — so cool! So … abstract!
      That said, the movie Evil Dead (original) is a longstanding influence.