Life & Minimalism (WiseGAMER)

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  1. Awww. Encouraged me to clean (minimalize?) my room. Thanks WiseGAMER!

  2. I like how easy this game is – you naturally know what you ought to do to make life easier, and that’s the point of the game.

  3. all problems can be solved by being happy not sad duh

    • Turn that frown upside down, Porp!

      I enjoyed the game a lot – though the overall message didn’t seem to have much relationship to the game itself – it’s not above removal of elements so much as altering them. But that’s ok.

      I think Chen has a good point about the naturalness of some of the actions.

      • i dunno i think an attitude of telling people with real problems to suck it up and cure themselves with positivity is pretty dangerously ignorant

        • I kinda felt like the game was being intentionally simplistic for comedy value – I mean, to me, the idea that you can “solve” unhappiness by just changing a sad face to a happy face is pretty funny.

          Feeling lonely? JUST ADD FRIENDS. There you go, NEXT LEVEL

        • Sometimes that’s the best advice you can give. Not all advice has to be universally applicable, and “real” problems aren’t the only sorts of problems that people face in everyday life.

          Could you being American and therefore subject to lots of positivity bullshit be a source of your intolerance for this particular message?

        • fotocopiadora

          i feel the same way, it doesn’t seem intentional but it sure feels a bit privileged in a “dude what world do you think you live in” kind of way.

        • I feel the same way…

  4. urrghh yeah i got two stages into this and things like this always strike me as really naive. it’s just “power of positive thinking” stuff that has no context and doesn’t take into account actual real life factors (JUST BE HAPPY vs. STRUGGLE WITH CRIPPLING DEPRESSION for instance)

    • Would you criticise lullabies for not acknowledging the awfulnesses of insomnia? I must have a much higher tolerance for naivety …

  5. I kinda want to remake this game, only your clicks would eliminate capitalism or systemic oppression and such.
    Not as a mockery but as an honest to goodness attempt at a feelgood game.

  6. Don’t smile at the F. Get an A+.

  7. Yes, completely naive but I thought this cute. Made me laugh and crack a smile.