Insensato (CaproCapro)

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A man without the face, armed only with his struggling will, must begin a long journey to regain his completeness.[Author’s description]

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  1. haven’t finished this game yet, it seems pretty gigantic!

  2. I think I may finally be giving up on the second invisible platform area. At least I assume there are invisible platforms, since there were on the screen before. The hint text — assuming that’s what it is — reads “Sounds sometimes are more solid than the land,” but I haven’t figured out how to apply it.

    There are a few bits I had mixed feelings about before this point, but I more or less came to terms with a lot of the early timing puzzles most often requiring two tries each, one to discover the mechanism and another to execute the solution. But the little I’ve seen so far after retrieving the nose has maybe felt a bit too capricious, even in light of

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    • So I left the game window open while typing the above (though, unfortunately, muted) and accidentally discovered what I was missing for the screen in question. It’s actually a little bit awful. Outside of spoiler tags, because I think it’s worth spoiling with a hint: if you try various things too rapidly one after the other, you’ll never hear the change that indicates it’s safe too jump. And if you fail on the first try after accidentally landing it, you’ll have to wait all over again after the restart.

    • One last note: the game ends shortly after this point, so you might as well persevere through a couple levels of near-invisible and invisible mazes. (That said, it’s tough to quite recommend continuing. The game’s best ideas are definitely all prior to the midway(?) point. (World 3, I suppose?) If that midpoint were the ending — and it certainly could have acted as one were it not for the all-parts-of-the-face pacing — it would have made for a satisfying one.

      • A lot of stuff felt random in a wrong way. I liked the game nonetheless and didn’t get frustrated, mostly because for some reason I got lucky.

        The “solid sound” challenge I never understood, I died a lot until at some point I got through it with some kind of double jump that remains a mystery. The first level with the black and white walls felt completely random.

        I guess it’s kinda coherent with the title? Insensato can be translated as “nonsensical” from Spanish, probably means the same in Italian.

  3. Hi, game developer here.
    I’m glad that you liked my game. Thanks for posting it on this website. This is my very first game so I made a lot of mistakes. Surely world 4 (the abstract caves) is the worst area of the game and it’s also the first I made. Instead, world 3, that is probably the most clever area, is the youngest part of the game. So it seems that I improved myself a bit during the long development period.
    Now I only want to explain the rational idea behind two levels of world 4:

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    And yes, “Insensato” means “Nonsensical” in Italian too.

    • Congrats, man, it’s a pretty unique-feeling game. I’m still getting through it (I’m stuck on a puzzle right now).

      I look forward to checking out your future games : )

    • It definitely looked like it lacked playtesting, but overall the game was too cool to call any part of it a failure, I think. And particular emphasis on that if it really is your first finished game.

  4. My biggest problem with this game was how slow and awkward the controls were. When you have a bunch of timed platforming sequences that require pixel-perfect jumping and your protagonist feels like he’s moving through molasses with cement blocks strapped to his feet, it’s more frustrating than fun, and I couldn’t continue. It seemed like a neat idea though.