Ghost Party (Tuan, Marshall)

play as a lonely ghost who wanders the halls of a haunted mansion[Author’s description]

This game may require installation of the RPG Maker 2003 RTP.

[Download for Windows]


  1. The silly dialogue here is just as fun as the game! Apparently, there are 3 endings. In mine

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    . I’m curious to know what the others are and how to get them.

  2. this is cute but im stuck…

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    • I think I’m stuck before then.

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      On the other hand, this is a really cute game, and I’m pleased to have something that runs perfectly on this loaner netbook I’m suffering with until figuring out a proper replacement for my recently deceased laptop friend. Maybe I should look through what other RPGMaker posts I’ve missed from the previous year.

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        And there are a ton of charming RPGs on this site! Good plan.

        • Thanks! (And yeah, that’s extra unfortunate, given that the game lets you pick up so many (presumably) never-to-be-used objects. Oh, well.)

    • Solution to Porpentine’s spoiler question:

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      Next step:

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  3. this is v cute. a little less adventure gamey itemness and it would be even better

  4. I really dig the dialog and the art. This game has character, nice job.

  5. 3 endings? Now I have to play this again! I loved everything about the characters, story, and art. But it did feel like sometimes the gameplay boiled down to re-visiting each room and talking to everyone again until an event was triggered. But now that I know there are multiple endings, I wonder if I missed something obvious (or obscure but important).

    In the ending I got

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  6. Unfortunately it looks like the game suffers from some event flag errors.

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    It isn’t like I was digging for errors. I was just looking for the different endings.

  7. rtp file deleted 😥