Fragments of Him (Mata Haggis, Tino van der Kraan, Elwin Verploegen, Henriette Sande)

A man loses his partner in an accident and tries to come to terms with this by removing everything from his life that reminds him of his loved one.[Author’s description]

[Play online (Unity)]


  1. Gah, I was planning an HL2 mod with a mechanic (and similar theme / characters!) like this 5 years ago… I couldn’t bear to make it positive or hopeful at all, but by then the bitterness had dried-up inside me and I was, emotionally, unable to make something as resentful as I wanted… anyway, good to see this here!

  2. The concept is beautiful and I certainly really liked it, but I felt there was something just a bit too fastidious and methodical about the interaction that detracted from the emotional engagement. Still very good to experience.

    • I thought so too, at first, but then I thought, “how can a candle or a fence post remind you of someone?” and then I was okay with how, uh, compulsive obsessive it is.

      • Yeah, I went through a similar progression. But once in the apartment (the second area) it suddenly hit me that the cold efficiency with which I was clicking everything away felt, in fact, like a tantrum, frantic. From that point on I found the whole thing remarkably moving.

        I also like how at times the implication seems to be that you’re emptying out a memory space — almost surely fruitlessly — and at other times it implies you’re literally emptying out your apartment.

        • This is a nice way of looking at it.

          I feel like the erasing could have been handled better though. Especially in the park at a distance, things were red so I assumed they had no memories associated. The movement felt a bit stodgy too.

          Sound uniformly detracted and most of all I wish he used a longer music track.. :S

          Still, great concept.

  3. Maybe if there was no WASD and it was more of a rail clicker. (Moving on when you’ve clicked enough, no progress bar, tying the narrative more tightly to where you are and what you’re clicking)

    Still wonderful. Glad I had a chance to experience it.

  4. I really enjoyed this. If it wasn’t for the “highly recommended” tag I might have missed it, so thanks for that.

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