Entropy (Happy Rainbow Panda Bears)

a short puzzle game where the player has to get past a computer overlord that is able to detect the entropy of the player’s actions relative to the non-playable characters[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. Most rad. There’s only like 5 levels but it manages to be quite difficult for first-timers.

    For example, if the overlord detects your speed entropy at the very beginning, like it happened to me at first, the game quickly becomes impossible (never won the level on the screenshot above). I would say imitating the other’s speed is the best strategy. Never moving when the others do. X and Y coordinates are a little easier to follow, and a LOT easier to keep track of on the charts.

    • on the other hand, if it detects x or y entropy in the first level, the game will almost invariably pick the other in level 2 (because you don’t start in the same position as the others) and then the game is impossible by level 3 (since you can’t get to the others in time)

      • Wouldn’t know about that. Such a shame if it’s true, because the concept’s very cool. On my successful run, I think it was X and then Speed, with one or two levels there where it detected no anomalies at all.

        The last level felt very hard until I realized the goal was closer than the screen’s right edge. The ending’s nothing special if anyone’s wondering, the concept’s this game’s strongest point.

  2. Meh. Seemed like a like of times the computer was giving me trouble even when I perfectly mimicked the movements of the other pixels.