Dream Fishing (Sophie Houlden)

36-shot0The dreamiest of fishing experiences.  [Author’s Description]

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  1. I think this is the first game in a while that made me gasp with unexpected delight. It just made me… happy.

  2. Tough to play on an Apple trackpad, but wholly worth the reward.

  3. The walking music is the best thing ever. I am now very disappointed with every other game ever.

  4. aaah, this is so good. probably my favorite ludum-thing so far.

  5. Well that was a pleasant little surprise : ) The mouse-only controls work remarkably well.

  6. This is really delightful. I hadn’t expected to play for so long, but I wanted to catch more fish! :3 Total bliss.

  7. Just curious– was this inspired bt Pro Pilkki 2 at all? Looks a bit like a spiritual cousin (which is great.)

  8. never got reel in to work on with my trackpad. shame the controls embraced minimalism to the point of making it unplayable without a mouse.